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女の子ですか?! Are you friggin’ kidding me she’s so handsome and cool and charming and she’s my ideal type (of boy)  I’ve never see someone as near to my ideal type and when I finally got to see one… It’s a girl.
I think being lesbian is okay with her haha lol jk jk jk
Once again, wtf she’s handsome!!! She is Kuryu a cosplayer and she usually cosplay as boy and she’s handsome with everything and I think she’s a cool girl too if she dress like one but whatever.
Stay handsome. I need a real boy like this Please come from heaven as a boy and i will probably date you right away ahahahahaha I’m so bitchy
*that glasses only make her hotter aww! God! Please! i could stare at her all day. *i’m still straight btw
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by kuryu